Crooked Handle Snacks

DLM Cheese and Cracker Plate

DLM Meat, Cheese, and Cracker Plate 

Jumps Peanuts 8oz Jar

Bagged Pretzels

Bagged Dirty Chips

Bagged Popcorn

 Delivery options availa​ble at the brewery  

Click on your favorite restaurant to view the full menu.


​DLM Naples Style Pizza          (937) 748-6800

 DLM Deli                                  (937) 748-6800 

BW3's                                      (937) 748-0401

Jimmy John's                           (937) 748-4600

Royal Wok                               (937) 743-9988

Milano's                                   (937) 434-7827

Jet's                                         (937) 748-5555

Cassano's                                (888) 294-5464

​Donatos                                   (937) 748-8686

Papa Johns                             (937) 743-6066

Pizza Hut                                 (937) 746-2629

Marcos                                    (937) 748-2500



Carry out only options

Click on your favorite restaurant to view the full menu.

Dickey's BBQ Pit                       (937) 550-4826  Doubleday's                              (937) 514-7755

China Cottage                           (937) 748-8866

Main Street Deli                        (937) 748-3800

Boro Bistro                                (937) 748-8900

Who's Hungry?

At Crooked Handle there are no rules when it comes to what you crave!

Crafting our passion...

Available at the taproom:

Cheese Plate

Cheese & Meat Plate

No one likes to be told what to why would we tell you what to eat? The truth is there are no rules when it comes to dining at Crooked Handle. Feel free to order from a variety of fantastic Springboro restaurants. Check out the menus below and order ahead for carry-out or delivery.

Are you looking for a home cooked meal? Remember, there are no rules so feel free to prepare your favorite meal or snack and bring it in to share with family and friends. We will do our best to pair your recipe with one of our flagship or specialty beers.

Dorothy Lane Market (DLM) is only 50 yards away. There are an infinite amount of options and a full menu at Jack's Grill (steak, burgers, chicken, fish) and the DLM Deli (soups, specialty sandwiches and salads, wood fired pizza and panini). They even have some of the best sushi in town.

Want some suggestions or guidance? Click on DLM "Dash-n-Dine" meal ideas below that can be put together with a quick visit to DLM and feed 4 adults for around $35. Sign up for our weekly email or follow us on social media and we will guide you to a great meal for your visit to the brewery. Your menu is a grocery store, so imagine the possibilities!